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Photo: Claudio Zennaro

Printmaking courses in Venice

This course is ideal for those who are in Venice and want to find out about traditional printmaking methods and techniques.

The individual course is taught by print master Arianna Sautariello, and it includes:

  • the choice of subjects and the preparation of the drawings
  • the engraving of linoleum plates and the print of several copies
  • The engraving of plexiglass plates and the printing of various copies through the drypoint technique
  • the engraving of zinc plates through the techniques of etching, aquatint and drypoint and the print of various copies.


The engraving course includes various techniques so as to give a wide view of the possibilities of this art technique, but since it is an individual course it can be modified and refined according to the student’s needs, who can decide whether to go on a classical course or deepen a particular technique.

Arianna will provide tools and materials in the cozy location of her studio in Venice, in Cannaregio district close to the Jewish Ghetto.

Price and duration of the course are agreed with the teacher, depending on the student’s interests and preparation.

Photo: Alessandro Secondin

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The making of an etching