Plum Plum world

What can I say… but thank you!?

I really mean it.

If you’re reading this page, probably you’re a part of this page. Nay– you’re the main protagonist of this page.

You have to know that every time somebody comes in my store and decide to take one of my artworks back home with them, I ask them (if they want, of course) to send me a picture of the artwork in their home. It’s such an emotion to know that the artworks I have created here in my small studio in Venice are now in so many different places all over the world. It really thrills me so much!

In this page you can find a collection of my works from all around the world. Here you can see some pics that friends who came in my store sent me from their homes. I have to thank them all so much for sharing- it really means so much to me!

If you want to be part of this little (but meaningful for me) project, send me your picture at

Thank you again, ciao!
– Arianna

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