Rio di San Barnaba – Two block linocut


Two-block linocut of Rio di San Barnaba.


Two-block linocut of Rio di San Barnaba printed with a vertical press on 200 gr. Rismacqua Favini ivory paper using oli based chalcographic ink.

The Rio di San Barnaba (San Barnaba Canal) is located in Dorsoduro district and takes its name from the Church and Campo San Barnaba overlooking the canal.

This linocut shows the part of canal from Ponte dei Pugni that leads to the Grand Canal: on the right you can see Campo San Barnaba that overlooks the canal and that – here’s a fun bit of trivia – was the setting of some famous films: in “Indiana Jones and the last crusade” the church had become a library and Harrison Ford was lost in the basement (which does not actually exist), while Katharine Hepburn in Summertime -released in the UK as Summer Madness– (a film showing a beautiful 1950’s Venice) loses the balance and falls right into that canal.

Another typical feature of the Rio di San Barnaba: there is a beautiful big boat (in the linocut you can see it on the right) that during the day sells fruit and vegetables.

Paper size: 11.7 x 8.2 inches (A4)
Image size: 6.5 x 5.3 inches


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Print color

Blue, Green, Red

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