San Stin Canal


This watercolor shows the San Stin Canal, close to Campo dei Frari in Venice.

The name comes from the destroyed San Stin Church and its campo. The church of Santo Stefano Confessore was also called “San Stefanino”, and then commonly “San Stin”, because it is smaller than the other grandiose church dedicated to Saint Stephen the Martyr, located in the sestiere of San Marco. Probably it was built in the 10th or even 9th century. Damaged in 1105, it was rebuilt in 1295 by Giorgio Zancani, patrician of Venice and Cretan colonist. It was closed in 1810 and demolished shortly afterwards.

Technique used: pencil drawing colored with watercolors on 300 gr. artistico Fabriano paper.
Size: 5.1 x 7 inches


If you like this watercolor and you want to order a new one like this, I can paint it again. There may be slight variations in color, making this a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Please contact me if you wish to have this watercolor, thank you.

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