Santa Fosca Canal


Santa Fosca is an area placed in the heart of Cannaregio district.

The Santa Fosca area underwent its greatest period of expansion during the first 20 years of the 16th century.

This watercolor shows the Santa Fosca Canal as you can see it from Ponte Santa Fosca (Santa Fosca Bridge): on the right you’ll find Campo Santa Fosca while on the left it’s possible to see Fondamenta de Ca’ Vendramin, where Palazzo Vendramin is located.
The Vendramin family was one of the most important and famous families of Venice in the past centuries.

This is the view from Google Street View:

Technique used: thin black felt pen drawing colored with watercolors on 200 gr. Rismacqua Favini ivory paper

Paper size: A4 (8.2 x 11.7 inches)
Image size: 8.4 x 5.8 inches

If you like this watercolor and you want to order a new one like this, I can paint it again. There may be slight variations in color, making this a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art. Please contact me if you wish to have this watercolor, thank you.