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Handmade frames for handmade prints

Some time ago I met here at my studio in Venice Marco Faccio, a nice and friendly guy from Vicenza who came here with his wife Clara. They loved some of my works and we talked a lot, and so I knew that Marco is a very talented wood craftsman. After they left the studio, I went to visit his website and I realized that I did love his artworks so much!

He makes (all handmade, of course!) frames, boxes, (unbelievable) towerboxes, cases.. everything is wonderful!

And I’m very happy that he decided to do something for me.

Marco took inspiration from my etchings and made a study of shapes and materials and then he made these handmade African durmast frames for my prints. The frames, made of solid wood, have been waxed and have a durable synthetic glass and they are unique works of art.

The frames and the prints are viewable at my store in VeniceMarco chose the following prints to build his beautiful frames:

I have printed the etchings in brand new colors- a color between red and brown.

I hope you’ll like the new frames as much as I do!