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The ancient art of printmaking in Venice

Since the 15th century, Venice has always been a wonderful place for printers. It was considered the “printing house of Europe”: Aldo Manuzio was one of the most famous printers of all time, and his printing house became a true literary circle. The Art of printing was officially recognized in Venice in 1469.

Times have changed, but there is still someone who carries on the ancient printmaking tradition in Venice…

Printing demonstrations

Arianna is one of the few venetian artists who still prints as they used to do in the 15th century. If you are going to visit Venice you can’t miss the chance to travel through time and come back to the age of the “Serenissima“.

You can meet me every day (Mon – Sat: 11am – 2pm / 5pm – 7pm) at my print house in Cannaregio district, in Fondamenta dei Ormesini, and attend a whole print session with me: you’ll be surprised by the atmosphere, the colors, the scents, the gestures, the work that there is behind a single print.

I will show you the entire work that there is behind an art print: from the initial drawing to the final print, I will explain the steps it takes to get a calcographic print, until you have the actual print in front of you (duration: 20 minutes).

I hope to see you soon!


If you want to attend a print demonstration, please contact me filling the form below to make an appointment. Thank you!

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    Photo: Claudio Zennaro